Veterinary Services For Cats in Albany, CA

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We Support Every Stage Of Your Cat’s Life

Your feline friend will go through six distinct stages of development as he or she grows older:

  • Kitten: 0—6 months
  • Junior: 7 months—2 years
  • Prime: 3—6 years
  • Mature: 7—10 years
  • Senior: 11—14 years
  • Geriatric: 15+ years

Naturally, a cat’s physiological changes and exposure to a range of life events will necessitate care and attention as he or she grows and progresses through life. Consistent preventative treatment, from kitten care through elderly cat medicine, can make a big impact in your cat’s quality of life. Your cat’s health will, in the end, have an impact on your relationship with him or her.

Cats are excellent at concealing illness. In reality, when a cat is sick, it will become less energetic and less interactive. Any indicators of disease displayed by a cat will be inconspicuous. As a result, any change in their conduct should raise the possibility that they are ill. When clients arrive home from work, they will notice that their cat is not greeting them at the door as it usually is. This could be a sign that your cat is sick. Because the indicators of cat disease are so subtle, please contact our office if you observe any evident changes in behavior.

Cat Health Services And Treatments

We specialize in the following cat health services for cats of all ages, breeds, and conditions at Codornices Veterinary Clinic:

  • Allergy Testing: Cats are frequently exposed to a range of allergens, which can result in a variety of symptoms. Allergy testing can assist us in identifying and treating the fundamental cause of some problems.
  • Anesthesia: We have the facilities, equipment, drugs, and expertise to keep your cat safe while he or she is sedated.
  • Behavior Services: The behavior of your cat is not genetically determined, but it can be learned and unlearned with your devotion and our assistance.
  • Dental Care: Our dental knowledge and experience can help you avoid and cure dental problems in your cat, such as periodontal disease.
  • Dermatology: While early detection of skin disorders is advantageous in terms of therapy, if a skin condition has already formed, it must be treated before it worsens.
  • Deworming: Intestinal parasites pose a threat to both your cat and your household, so let us make sure your cat is worm-free.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Our veterinarians and technicians use diagnostic imaging to accurately assess your cat’s ailment so that the appropriate medication can be administered.
  • Eye Care: Our veterinarians are equipped to diagnose feline-specific eye problems and to provide therapies based on efficacy and your cat’s tolerance to certain treatments.
  • Flea & Tick: For your cat’s health and happiness, we use safe and effective flea and tick treatments.
  • Kitten Care: We assist you in learning how to care for your kitten through education and dietary awareness, as well as giving the necessary medical treatment.
  • Laboratory: Our laboratory testing services ensure that your cat receives faster and more accurate diagnoses and treatments.
  • Medications: When your cat needs medication, our veterinarians will write the appropriate prescription.
  • Microchip ID: If your cat goes missing, microchipping is the greatest way to ensure that he or she is recovered safely.
  • Nutrition: We’ll talk about your cat’s specific nutritional needs at different periods of life, as well as how to handle certain ailments.
  • Pain Management: Regardless of your cat’s age, ability, or condition, we specialize in effective and compassionate pain treatment.
  • Preventive Care: The first step toward ensuring that your cat has a long and healthy life is to enroll in our comprehensive preventive care program.
  • Semi-Annual Wellness Exams: Semi-annual wellness checks, a cornerstone of preventive care, help prolong life by allowing health issues to be discovered and addressed early.
  • Senior Care: We understand the unique needs of elderly cats, and we’ll work with you to create the best strategy for your kitty.
  • Spay or Neuter: Your cat will have a painless and safe surgical procedure with us.
  • Surgery: Our facilities, equipment, and staff provide the best opportunity for your cat to have a successful operation and recovery.
  • Vaccinations: Based on your cat’s needs, our vets will propose a customised and personalized immunization schedule.