Pet Diagnostics in Albany, CA

Our diagnostic tools and procedures, along with state-of-the-art laboratory techniques, make it possible to monitor and diagnose what is happening medically inside your pet without having to resort to exploratory surgery.

Codornices Veterinary Clinic

Pet Diagnostics

Diagnostics, such as blood tests, urinalysis, and X-rays, allow us to look beneath the skin’s surface to identify and diagnose potential health problems, as well as build and deliver an effective treatment plan.

Codornices Veterinary Clinic provides a wide range of diagnostic services, including digital dental X-rays, full digital body X-rays, ultrasound, in-house laboratory, and microscopic inspection of skin diseases and tumors, all of which assist us in providing better care and treatment to our patients. We also use a small number of off-site labs for more advanced testing.

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What Is Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging For Pets?

Radiographs (X-rays), ultrasonography, MRIs, and CT scans are all types of veterinary diagnostic imaging that are used to gather information about your pet’s health. The great majority of imaging procedures are non-invasive and painless. However, some imaging procedures may necessitate sedation or even anesthesia because the pet must be kept calm in order to obtain appropriate images. Veterinarians use these photos to gather information about your pet in order to develop a medical and, in some cases, surgical treatment plan.