Ensure Your Canine’s Safety with These Dog Walking Tips

Make March 30 a day to remember by celebrating Take a Walk in the Park Day with your furry companion! But, don’t let potential dangers ruin an ideal outing. Pay close attention to any of these issues when out on your stroll together:

#1: Other dogs

Keep a watchful eye out for other dogs to prevent any potential disaster – especially if one or both of the pets are reactive and manage to slip their collar. Even friendly, off-leash dogs can be seen as a threat by your pet when they come bounding up in greeting; carefully monitor your companion’s body language so that you stay aware of how relaxed (or nervous) they remain during this encounter. To avoid large pack disputes at parks, it is best to steer clear of these areas during peak times.

#2: Traffic

When walking to a park, keep a sharp eye out for traffic, whether oncoming vehicles, bikes, or pedestrians. Ensure your pet stays close by your side to prevent accidents. A pet on an unlocked retractable or long leash can dart into traffic, clothesline a bicyclist, or wrap around passersby, or the leash may break if your dog lunges at a squirrel.

#3: Parasites

Shield your furry companion from intestinal and external parasites by administering preventatives annually, and always inspect nose-to-tail when you get back home. After all, parks make the perfect habitat for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other pests – they are full of their ideal victims!

#4: Wildlife

As your pup wanders about the park following their sense of smell, they may come across wildlife burrows and nests. Generally, wild animals will flee upon seeing people or pets nearby; however, some might aggressively protect their young, food supply, or habitat. To err on the side of caution, it’s best to leave them undisturbed as wildlife are known carriers of parasites and diseases.

If you and your furry friend enjoy exploring the great outdoors, it’s essential to safeguard them from any potentially infectious diseases or parasites by scheduling regular preventive care. Contact us today to book a wellness appointment for your pet!