Expert veterinary care in Albany, CA


We provide exceptional veterinary care in Albany, CA!

Our primary goal: working with you to ensure that your pet enjoys a long, healthy and happy life.

Our extensive services include general medicine, dental services, diagnostic services, surgical procedures, ultrasound, radiology, behavioral consultations, nutritional counseling, and wellness and preventive care. Our hospital features an on-site laboratory and pharmacy in order to diagnose and treat our patients promptly and accurately.

Our goal is to provide the best available medical care to our beloved patients and superior service to our family of pet guardians/owners. We work hard to build a team of highly skilled professionals who are well qualified to assist you and your pet with all of your veterinary needs. We know that when you entrust us with your pet, you are entrusting us with your family.

Wellness and Preventive Care

Regular wellness visits and preventive care are the cornerstones of your pet’s good health. Our customized wellness programs include physical examinations, appropriate immunizations, annual fecal exams, routine dental check-ups, preventive de-worming, and senior pet care. In accordance with the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Animal Hospital Association, we recommend annual heartworm screening and year-round dosing of preventive medications, such as Interceptor Plus. Our team is happy to help with instructions on things you can do at home to provide excellent home care. We want to work with you to ensure that your best friend enjoys a long, healthy, and happy life.


All of our doctors at Codornices Veterinary Clinic are highly skilled in medical diagnostics, decision making, and disease management. Our core philosophy of “teamwork to care for people and their pets” is accomplished by actively engaging owners in their pets’ health care decisions through education and relationship building. From frustrating skin problems to organ diseases to concerns about aging, we have your pet covered.


Healthy teeth and gums are essential to your pet’s overall health, well-being, and longevity. Preventable dental conditions such as plaque, tartar, gingivitis, and fractured teeth can develop into pain and infection. The dental team at Codornices Veterinary Clinic is skilled in providing a variety dental services including instruction on preventive care, oral hygiene assessment, and treatment. We feature the top-of-the-line Sopix dental X-ray system to detect disease below the gumline. We often find that good oral care can give a pet a renewed level of energy and enthusiasm for life and can add years to a pet’s life!

Nutritional Guidance
A proper diet and regular exercise are important components of your pet’s overall health and well-being. One trip to the pet store will leave your head spinning about the ins and outs of pet foods. We can assist you in your decision-making process so that your pet achieves and maintain a healthy weight and balanced diet. For pets requiring dietary therapy for illnesses, we offer a wide selection of prescription food.

Diagnostics, such as blood tests, urinalysis, and X-rays, allow us to go below the skin’s surface to identify and diagnose possible health conditions and efficiently develop and administer the appropriate course of treatment. Codornices Veterinary Clinic offers a range of comprehensive diagnostic services, including digital dental X-rays, full digital body X-rays, ultrasound, in-house laboratory, and microscopic assessment of skin problems and lumps, which help us to better care for and treat our patients. We also utilize a select group of off-site labs for additional advanced testing.


Codornices Veterinary Clinic offers our patients the best veterinary surgical services available. Our highly skilled and well-trained staff uses up-to-date surgical and anesthesia equipment and techniques to deliver safe, efficient surgery. We have strict standards of care and monitoring which include a dedicated anesthetic nurse for every procedure, human-grade anesthetics, advanced monitoring devices, and thorough pre-operative assessment. Our surgical procedures include routine surgeries, such as spaying and neutering, and more complex soft tissue and orthopedic procedures by surgical specialists. Every patient is cared for with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.

Behavior Consultation
Is your pet exhibiting strange or unwanted behavior? The staff at Codornices Veterinary Clinic can help! Our doctors and team will gladly work with you to help overcome issues your pet may have.

Compassionate care for the pets of Albany, CA and the surrounding communities

At Codornices Veterinary Clinic, we're committed to improving the health and quality of life for your cherished pet. We're dedicated to your pet's wellness and will be here for you when you need us most.

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