Pet Wellness and Preventive Care in Albany, CA

At Codornices Veterinary Clinic, we believe regular wellness visits and preventive care are the cornerstones of your pet’s good health. Our customized wellness programs include physical examinations, appropriate immunizations, annual fecal exams, routine dental check-ups, preventive de-worming, and senior pet care.

Codornices Veterinary Clinic

Pet Wellness And Preventive Care

We encourage annual heartworm screening and year-round administration of preventive drugs like Interceptor Plus, as recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association. Our team is delighted to provide instructions on how to provide exceptional home care from the comfort of your own home. We want to collaborate with you to help your best companion live a long, healthy, and happy life.

A preventative care program’s goal is to make sure your pet has everything they need to live a healthy life, including correct diet, decent hygiene, and adequate stimulation, as well as early diagnosis of any illness or disease that may be developing. Early detection makes a substantial difference in the breadth and effectiveness of treatment in the battle against many diseases.

Most diseases are significantly easier to treat early on, and other diseases can progress to the point that therapy is no longer an option. Unfortunately, pets are so skilled at hiding sickness signs and symptoms that it may be too late by the time symptoms appear. This is why it is vital to take examinations on a regular basis.