Attention dog owners,
You may have heard about a new respiratory illness in dogs that has been reported in several states including Oregon, Colorado and New Hampshire. This illness is similar to kennel cough but does not seem to respond to medications, lasts longer, and can sometimes progress quickly to pneumonia.  
We have not seen an increase in respiratory cases at our clinic. 
There is no cause for alarm but we advise that you stay vigilant and take precautions. 
– Do not let your dog interact with unknown dogs or sick dogs. Avoid areas where many dogs frequent such as dog parks and pet stores. 
– Keep vaccines for Bordatella and influenza up to date if your dog is normally social with other dogs. 
– If boarding your dog, consider using a pet sitter to visit your home instead. 
– Monitor for symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. If you notice any symptoms, isolate your dog from other dogs and call us for an appointment or advice. 
Here is more information from the American Veterinary Medical Association regarding the recent outbreak in Oregon – 
Let’s stay vigilant and keep our dogs healthy!